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Block Collection

The MADHOUSE by Michael Aram Block Collection is inspired by the texture of natural stone blocks, making it an impossibly chic addition to your entertaining moments. The collection's sculpted stone look is a unique and striking take on Michael’s well-known signature organic designs. The collection, which includes glasses, an ice bucket, and a chip and dip set, is made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, which means it’s impact-resistant, long-lasting, and exceptionally clear. Its icy stone texture and appearance make the Block Collection perfect for year-round entertaining – from holiday soirées to poolside parties.

MADHOUSE Ideas from Michael Aram

“The Block Collection’s sculpted stone texture appears icy and cool to the touch, making it perfect year-round for entertaining moments from holiday parties to poolside gatherings.” – Michael Aram

Host an Icy Cocktail Party

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays – or just need a reason to mix and mingle with friends – winter is the perfect time to take to the indoors and host an intimate cocktail party. To make the occasion seasonally appropriate, use a frosty white, silver, and steel blue color palette and serve your guests with the MADHOUSE Block Collection. The Block Collection lends a whole new meaning to “on the rocks” with its icy, natural stone texture.

To make entertaining a breeze, employ a bartender-for-hire to mix up the evening’s beverages. Or, set up a fully-stocked bar cart and let your guests concoct their own beverages. Stock the bar with all the essentials, including the Block Collection Tritan™ highball glasses, the Block Collection Tritan™ double old-fashioned glasses, champagne flutes, the Block Collection Tritan™ ice bucket, tongs, drink stirrers, beverage napkins, a muddler, jigger, cocktail shaker, and strainer. For liquors, be sure to cover the bases with vodka, bourbon, white rum, gin, cognac, and tequila alongside a bevy of mixers.

To spark the evening’s mixology, create a signature cocktail for the occasion. Frame the recipe and set it next to the ingredients so your guests can mix up signature cocktails for themselves. Make the cocktail match the color palette of the evening by using Blue Curacao liqueur. For example, 2 ounces of Blue Curacao liqueur mixed with ice and ginger ale is a simple, but tasty cocktail. This drink is best enjoyed in the Block Collection Tritan™ highball glass.

During a cocktail party, food is equally as important as drinks, so serve an impressive spread of canapés. Set out bowls of mixed nuts, a cheese board, an antipasto tray, and the Block Collection melamine chip and Tritan™ dip set filled with bread and tapenade. Stylishly serve cold foods – and keep them chilled – by setting them on top of ice blocks.

Create ambiance for the evening by flooding the party space with candlelight and add sparkle with silver and blue ornaments. For a luxurious touch, make the focal point of the occasion an ice sculpture.

Good company, delicious indulgences, ambiance, and a little help from the Block Collection are all you need for an evening to remember!
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