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Melamine & Plastic Tableware

Each of the six MADHOUSE collections—Black Orchid, Botanical Leaf, Fig Leaf, Lemonwood, Ocean and Olive Branch—feature unique melamine tableware. From beautiful sculpted dessert plates to dinner plates that shimmer with pearlescent finishes and metallic details, MADHOUSE melamine tableware make a statement. Pieces range from dinner and appetizer plates to all purpose bowls and dishes, and each integrates seamlessly with other MADHOUSE pieces as well as Michael Aram signature items.

MADHOUSE Melamine Tableware for Casual Elegance

Inspired by the metalwork of Michael Aram, MADHOUSE melamine tableware features beautiful sculpted pieces unseen in melamine dinnerware and serveware – until now. Each sculpted piece reflects the traditional sculpting techniques used in the signature Michael Aram collections with Michael’s influence apparent in every piece. Make a statement with the beautiful Ocean Sea Urchin Platter or the Botanical Leaf Appetizer and Dessert Plate. They will undoubtedly start the conversation around the dinner or picnic table.

The other MADHOUSE melamine tableware also features unique techniques, groundbreaking in the melamine industry. Pearlescence and shimmering metallic accents adorn the MADHOUSE melamine plates, bowls and serving trays. With beautiful motifs and patterns inspired by the Michael Aram signature collections, the MADHOUSE melamine tableware is the perfect combination of elegance and ease. These pieces are truly original.

MADHOUSE Ideas for Melamine Tableware

The MADHOUSE melamine collection is an affordable, semi-permanent solution for any entertaining need. Durable for outdoor use, but elegant for a formal occasion, the melamine tableware provides the versatility you want. And the melamine pieces can be mixed and matched easily with the other MADHOUSE dinnerware, including the fine paper tableware, Twig cutlery, Tritan™ tumblers and goblets, and the signature Michael Aram pieces.

Try one of our suggestions: For an elegant bridal shower, use the MADHOUSE melamine dinnerware, serving trays and napkins with Michael Aram pitchers for sweet tea and lemonade. For a family-style dinner during the holidays, use the MADHOUSE melamine serving trays and serving bowls with MADHOUSE paper tableware and Twig cutlery.
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