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Black Orchid Collection

Inspired by the powerful sensuality of orchids and the ambiance of haute couture, the MADHOUSE Black Orchid Collection transcends the traditional picnic or barbecue and elevates a casual entertaining affair to a level of luxury and elegance. Foil details, metallic finishes and pops of bright magenta offset the simplicity of the black and white color scheme. The melamine and fine paper dinnerware integrate with signature Michael Aram Black Orchid pieces flawlessly.

MADHOUSE Ideas from Michael Aram

“There is something so seductive about orchids. I imagine a woman wearing a black velvet gown floating through a great estate or a glassy urban high-rise. I love the idea of infusing that intense nighttime elegance into an otherwise casual entertaining moment.” –Michael Aram

Host a Distilled Spirits Tasting Event

The MADHOUSE Black Orchid Collection is all about elegance and a bit of the unexpected. Take your guests by surprise with an unexpected twist when planning your next entertaining moment. A distilled spirits tasting event is the new wine tasting party. It’s the perfect fusion of a tasting and a cocktail party.

To plan your tasting, you can use many of the same guidelines as a wine tasting. Tastings can be blind or a known brand tasting, but the key is to compare 5 to 6 brands of the same spirit with varying price points, places of origin and distilling techniques. Providing guests with notepads or small score sheets will help to keep the options organized and make a decision on their favorite. While taking notes, guests should cleanse the palate with water and simple, unflavored crackers.

After your tasting and the big reveal, provide your guests with key information about each brand that may influence the qualities of the liquor. Mingle and discuss your favorites and what you learned over a cocktail. Use the Black Orchid serving tray to display the bottles from the tasting so guests can mix a drink with their favorite.

Carry your party through the evening with hors d’oeuvres or a small dinner served on Black Orchid Collection dinnerware. The melamine pieces include an all purpose dish perfect for small hors d’oeuvres and a larger dinner plate if you choose to serve a meal. For easier clean up or a larger event, the fine paper collection is an affordable, but elegant option that includes a dinner plate and luncheon plate. By using the Black Orchid Collection dinnerware, you will already have the perfect atmosphere for your tasting and cocktail party, so keep the rest of the décor simple and enjoy!
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