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Cutlery Collection

The MADHOUSE Cutlery Collection features an array of sets for serving and dining, in addition to mini collections for appetizers and tasting parties. Designed by Michael Aram, each piece of cutlery is molded in exacting detail to match one of our nature-inspired collections. Bring elegance and ease to your table with MADHOUSE cutlery.

MADHOUSE Ideas for Cutlery

No matter how casual or formal the event, its all about the details all the way down to the cutlery.

With an array of color and design options, there is a set perfect for each MADHOUSE collection. Bring the beauty of nature to your table by choosing one of Michael Aram's uniquely designed cutlery or serving sets. From coral reefs to the majestic mountains, MADHOUSE's cutlery is inspired by the sea, rocks and trees that surround us.

MADHOUSE Cutlery for Casual Elegance

For events where guests will serve themselves at a buffet table or dessert bar, leave the cutlery at each end of the table or bar. Fold the coordinating MADHOUSE luncheon napkin to create a pocket for the cutlery and display the sets on all purpose dishes or serving trays depending on the size of the event. Or you can allow guests to select what utensils they will need and display forks, knives and spoons in coordinating MADHOUSE Tritan tumblers.

For a more formal sit down occasion, cutlery can be included in the place setting. Should you follow standard place setting rules, you can choose to wrap the fork in a folded napkin to create a unique touch. Or for a less traditional setting, wrap the utensils in coordinating MADHOUSE napkins or bind the cutlery set using a velvet ribbon or piece of twine and place on the dinner plate.
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