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Ocean Collection

The MADHOUSE Ocean Collection fine paper and melamine dinnerware bring the beauty of the marine environment to a table setting. The collection features unexpected textures inspired by the striking forms of sea urchins like those found on the melamine serving platter and appetizer/dessert plate. Pearlescense, shimmer and a neutral color palette are punctuated with shots of fiery red orange on the disposable tableware to create a sophisticated oceanic setting for entertainment. The prints in the MADHOUSE Ocean Collection coordinate perfectly with the Michael Aram serveware for a cocktail party or luncheon.

MADHOUSE Ideas from Michael Aram

“I love the idea of finding objects from the ocean and creating a beautiful table. It’s a fantasy I have of a mermaid’s luncheon. In real life, I imagine a sunset seafood cocktail party…vibrant and surprising, yet very easy to do!” –Michael Aram

Host a Sunset Ocean-Inspired Cocktail Party

You too may dream of a mermaid’s luncheon, but a sunset seafood cocktail party is a wonderful alternative that is easy to do with the right atmosphere, dinnerware and food and drink. Tropical summer nights are meant for entertaining. Transform your typical beachside party by chartering a boat for your party. Using inspiration from the beautiful marine environment and the MADHOUSE Ocean Collection, you can blend casual entertaining with luxury and sophistication.

With a wide range of boat sizes, you can keep your cocktail party intimate or make it large and lively. Just make sure you have enough MADHOUSE dinnerware onboard to accommodate your guests. The fine paper dinnerware is a great option for a large event, and you can overstock your supplies without overspending. Some charter companies will provide the option to use a caterer or chef to accommodate your menu. Work with the staff to craft the perfect seafood menu for the cocktails you’ll be serving. If that option isn’t available, you can bring your own spread of appetizers for the event from local vendors.

Once you’ve planned your menu, the presentation is as important as the taste, so determine how you will display the appetizers for your guests. The Michael Aram Ocean serveware seamlessly integrates with the MADHOUSE dinnerware and adds elegance to your event. The sea urchin serving platter is perfect for presenting a large spread of sushi rolls. Or the platter can be used to display oysters on the half shell. Provide guests with a melamine dinner or appetizer plate for their food and a small disposable plate, like the MADHOUSE Ocean luncheon plate, to discard empty shells.

Like any cocktail party, the focus is on the libations. For a sunset boat cruise, craft a few signature cocktails inspired by the tropical environment and ocean setting. Fruity cocktails made with gin or vodka are a great option. And you can serve familiar options like mojitos with a fun fresh twist by using new flavors or garnishes.

If you’re landlocked and chartering a boat isn’t an option, recreate the scene! Using your Ocean dinnerware, inspiration from a beachside bash and a little creativity, transform your rooftop or patio into a boat deck. Invite guests to wear swimsuit cover ups and keep the casual tropical vibe of the beach.
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